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Hi, I’m going to be the drive coach for my team this year (instructing the drivers on what to do). My team’s already put together some amazing resources in terms of strategy, but I was wondering what strategy/general coaching resources/tips are available.

Keep calm. It’s just a game.
Be the spokesperson for the drive team. All comments and criticisms about the drive team go through you and/or coaches.

I dont have much to offer in terms of resources but i will offer this advice. Dont beat yourself up if your match strategy doesnt go as planned (in my experience it goes wrong more often than right), be ready to roll with the punches and adapt to deliver the best outcomes.

First, congrats on being a drive coach! It can really be fun and a huge learning experience. I was the “Alliance Coach” for my team last year, which is a slightly different role, but many of the tips still apply. I tried to organize the tips based on how a match goes-


-Meet with your alliance partners AT THE SAME TIME( This is especially important so you don’t have to play a game of telephone when trying to figure out the strategy and who is capable of doing what) before queuing to get a rough idea of how you are planning on playing the match/ overall strategy(Examples include who is running what autos, first piece they are planning on grabbing to score if it’s in the center, scoring paths, etc). You should try to find an area away from any of your partners’ pits so that all teams can keep working/ make changes and it’s easier for the meeting to be more focused. The timing for when you decide to do this meeting will vary, but about 15 mins till queuing is a decent starting point, as any later than that and it’ll get really chaotic.

-Both the drive coach and the driver should be present at this meeting(if possible) so the driver also knows the plan and can participate in the discussion.

-It helps to have a map of the field and places to write notes laminated so that we could visualize the strategy easier and could reference it during the match.

-Be honest about your robot’s capabilities.

-When you’re in queuing(two matches before you play), you should review the plan one last time with your driver and make sure that they fully understand it/are able to ask any questions prior to the match

-Drink water/eat food/destress!

During the Match:

-Keep track of time and announce the time to your driver. When the driver wants the time updates will vary based on his/her preferences, but a good starting point would be letting them know when end game is, and any times that your alliance decided beforehand( ex- if you’re all planning on climbing at a certain time)

-If any plans change during a match(if a mechanism breaks and you have to change strategy), let your alliance partners know

-Above all, remember GP. Be respectful and kind to your partners, even if things aren’t going well

After the Match:

-Recap with your drive team what went well and what could be improved on for each match

-However, don’t let a poor match or a match result affect you in the next matches. There will be mistakes or missed calls, learn from them, but don’t let them eat you up inside

Overall: My drive team mentor told me that a good drive coach is 3 things- confident, decisive, and knowledgeable. Be confident and decisive in your decision- matches are only 2:30, there’s not a lot of time to second guess yourself or your teammates. Being knowledgeable is incredibly valuable, especially with the protected zones this year. Know the point values, how to earn ranking points, and the protected zones/what will get you penalties to make sure you are maximizing your score and not accidentally getting fouls.

Good luck this season and have fun! :slight_smile:

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