What is the minimum age that the coach has to have?

Thanks all!

I’m assuming you mean a drive coach. If this thread has told me anything, the coach (and any other team member) can be as young as 13, maybe even younger depending on what age is the lower limit STIMS will allow you to register. I probably wouldn’t recommend a coach this young but to each their own.

If you meant coach as in mentor, that would be anyone who no longer qualifies as a pre-college student.

Have? 0, as all of us have “had” being 0.

Be: Anyone on the Team can be a “coach”. It is the only Drive Team position that can, but does not have to, be a Mentor.

Its obvious that english isn’t his first language, maybe instead of focusing on his grammar you could try to answer his question.

Any team member including adults may be a drive coach.

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It’s really a testament to the general environment of FIRST that even the Internet’s affinity for overzealous grammar correction can be overcome.