Is there any rule regarding how old the coach must be?

Short answer= Nope! :slight_smile:

Also- just so that nobody tries to steer this simple question in the wrong direction- debates about coach age has been discussed many times over-


The Coach May either be an Adult or Student.

Here you go. (highlight mine)

Is there a minimum age requirement for any position? I only see “pre-college” as far as age restrictions.

As long as the drivers are registered members on the team, there is no minimum age restriction.

Thanks everyone!

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What if you’re not a student, but not an adult either? :slight_smile:

I remember reading somewhere that FIRST drivers could be no older than 18 or something. Pre-full time college student, so someone can be a driver still even if they’re taking a college class or two. If you have questions, ask FIRST and they’ll be nice and clarify things; I had to do this in FTC.

But the coach can be any age! There is hope for me yet!

We, My team and I, had a discussion on this before.

There are some interesting ways to interpret this wording…

I mean I am almost positive FIRST ruling would be that you need to have a high school student driving the bot. It doesn’t seem right to have someone who is not in high school driving a bot in a program that is focused on the future of high school students.

There was a team based out of a middle school back in '07. I’d be surprised if they required the drivers to be in high school.

Under the current FRC rules, you could have a toddler drive the robot. However, at some point, common sense has to kick in.

My response was more concerned with the fact of the driver being older than high schoolers. Of course if you are middle school team that is fine if you have a driver that is in middle school. I just find that it would be a problem if someone was a driver who was out of high school.

At a certain point, I considered teaching my little brother how to drive FRC robots, he’s 11, and maybe throwing him in an off-season or two. I can’t imagine how awesome of a driver he would be by the time he’s a senior in HS with 7 or 8 seasons of experience.

DRIVER: A **pre-college student **team member responsible for operating and controlling the ROBOT. There are two DRIVERS per TEAM.

Then you cannot drive.

“Adult” is such a subjective term…

To be more clear, I’m not driving the robot and assume I’m inelgible, as I’m not a high school student. The first part of my post was making a joke about coaching criteria, then the rest about driver criteria. Sorry.

A year ago, when I was a high school student taking college classes, I was eligible to be a driver.

I guess this is the all encompassing definition from Section 7

TEAM: Four representatives from a registered FRC team that interact with their ROBOT and their ALLIANCE partners to play Breakaway. Positions on the TEAM include:
COACH: A student or adult mentor designated as the team coach and advisor during the MATCH and identified as the person wearing the designated “COACH” pin or button. There is one COACH per TEAM.
DRIVER: A pre-college student team member responsible for operating and controlling the ROBOT. There are two DRIVERS per TEAM.
HUMAN PLAYER: A pre-college student team member responsible for properly returning BALLS to the FIELD. There is one HUMAN PLAYER per TEAM. The HUMAN PLAYER is the only TEAM MEMBER that may handle the TRIDENT