what do the coaches do and what arte thier age requirments ect…?

The coaches are adult, collage members of the drive team that can help the drivers make decisions, call out times help with set up of the robot and lots of other tasks during a match, they can not drive or use the controls at all or help place the robot on the Field.

The coaches are another set of eyes for the drivers.
The drivers should be focusing on your robot and getting their job done. The coaches should be looking at the other teams and helping the drivers react to the opposing alliance during the match. The coaches should also be coordinating strategy with your alliance partners during the match.
The coach needs to be able to react, think, and communicate very quickly. They play a vital role in your alliance’s strategy.

At least, that’s my philosophy.

There is no age requirment of the coach. They cannot, however, touch the controls at any time.

This will be a varied answer from every team.

I believe that coaches can be either high school or adult team members.
Coaches bascially help the driver/operator/HP during matches. Some coaches develop all the strategy moves, and negotiate with alliance partners. Some coaches step back and let their student driveteam do all the negotiating and strategy development. Some balance it well.

During a match, a coach can be yelling out the time left, the score, what the driver should do next. The coach helps oversee the entire field, much of the time watching what the opponents are doing. The coach can yell “block the goal”, or “cap the ball now!”, or whatever else relates to the game/strategy. The driveteam students are focused on what they are doing most of the time, and completing their tasks. The coach should oversee the entire field, and can make second by second strategy changes if necessary based on what’s happening all around. The coach must be able to communicate with alliance coaches - if partner 1 breaks down and can’t do their task, you have to communicate that so decisions can be made.

The coach cannot touch the drive controls at any time. Sometimes the coach helps put the robot out on the field while the driver hooks up the controls. You try to help the driveteam make good decisions. The coach takes input from the scouting team and other team members on what other robots can do, so you can all develop a working strategy.

Bottom line - I personally think some of the important attributes for an effectice coach is…
-communication (you must be able to talk with partners before/during/after matches, and w/your own team)
-quick decision-making, things change rapidly during matches
-good relationship with driveteam
-cool under pressure
-handle input and constructive criticism from people
-able to make compromises with other teams
-strategy logic
-have a good focus on scouting and strategy development (I think coaches should make time to watch many matches themselves during a competition)
-have understanding of robot functionality and performance capabilities
-be a good loser and winner, stay positive, and motivate driveteam

Many of these things will help earn respect from other teams, as well as your own. Every coach on every team is different.

The X-Cats use high school students for the coach. They apply for the job and interview with the leadership team for the right to have the job.

The coach can be anyone, though usually it’s best to have someone who knows the rules very well and has an almost telepathic link to the drive team.

The biggest thing to note about the coach is that they can’t touch the controls. However, I don’t believe there’s any rules that say a coach can’t hit his driver when the driver doesn’t listen, or anything like that :-p.

Seriously though, make sure whoever is the coach can work well with the drive team and can comminucate well. It may be best to have another driver as coach, because I’ve noticed coaches who have driven a robot tend to know a bit more about the limitations placed on the driver.

The Coach can be any adult. However, the person should not just stand there in the stations with their hands in the their pockets. The Coach should be someone who is well-versed in strategy, knows all the major tricks and can adapt to changes.

That’s just my opinion.

I always liken the role of coach to that of an offensive coordinator on a football team. Pre-match the coach is responsible for going through the scouting reports, sitting down with the driveteams and “calling the play” for the upcoming match. During the match, the coach should watch the entire field and call any “audibles” as necessary. This is crucial as the drivers should never be watching the whole field, they need to be focusing on their robot and the surrounding areas.

From that description, it is essential that the coach understands the game from a strategic point of view. The coach needs to be quick, analytical thinkers who can make decisions on the fly. A coach also needs to be a strong communicator. One of the toughest parts of being a coach is developing a relationship with the drivers, such that they can communicate with almost no time delay. There needs to be a large sense of trust between them.

Also, it’s very hand to have a coach who can keep track of the score. This will be a very big deal this year. The setup of this game will allow for a lot of last minute reversals. Teams who come into a match with a static two minute strategy will be at a huge disadvantage. A coach who knows the score, and is able to call an audible at the 1:45 mark will be able sneak out a lot of victories.

There are many teams that pride themselves on having an all student run drive crew, including the role of coach. Whatever works for your team, adult or student.