CocoNuts Scouting Sheet

This sheet is designed to have all the matches on one piece of paper and be an easy way to for teams to scout. It was really easy for us (2486) last year, our first real competitive season, and we liked the idea so we kept it for this year too. SPAM (180) gave us the idea last year and we loved theirs so we made a similar one this year for teams that might need some help with scouting.

This is more of an “old school” way to do it but if you have a couple of people working on it, it works really well. We have four people on our scouting team that watch the matches and fill out the scouting sheet and when they are done they give it to a designated person who puts the data into a excell spreadsheet. When the designated person is done entering the data into the spreadsheet they then organize the sheet by team number, so when the next match begins it becomes a lot easier to keep the process going. This makes it really easy to organize and most people a familiar with excel so it, so that’s another plus.

We put what we thought was most important on it so if you see anything that need to be added or fixed just let me know:)

Final Scouting Sheet.docx (251 KB)

Final Scouting Sheet.docx (251 KB)

The part on the bottom, with the numbers on the field is that autonomous starting locations?

Yes, sorry that wasn’t specified in the details

Well I can tell you that my team will not be starting at any of those points

Where would you suggest that we add points? We really appreciate the feedback!

Well none of the points on the sheet allow you to start with 3 disks so I would put points along the back line of the pyramid

Updated post! Thanks for the input! :slight_smile:

Final Scouting Sheet.docx (252 KB)

Final Scouting Sheet.docx (252 KB)

I suggest adding one more starting position underneath the pyramid, but still starting with 3 frisbees (in front of #7). That is where we will probably start each match :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this.

Is it meant to be one sheet for each team? If so, there could be more than 8 matches (there were 11 in qualifying in Phoenix last year).

Currently there are 50 teams registered for Phoenix, so it looks like there will be matches played with surrogates. Will that data be included?

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: I added a 9th position under the pyramid and if you have anymore just let me know!

Final Scouting Sheet.docx (254 KB)

Final Scouting Sheet.docx (254 KB)

I don’t think that it’s possible to surrogates in the qualifiers since teams are not able to fill in for absent teams. Also, we have a excel spreadsheet that goes directly with the scoring sheet if you’d like. Just message me and I can get it give it to you. It already has all the teams plugged in and is ready to go :slight_smile:

Where did you find a list of all the teams signed up for a regional? Could you post a link or something to the list of Peachtree Regional teams?::rtm::

And thanks for adding that 9th position!


I Have Been Working On A Scouting Sheet … You Can Go Check It Out At The Link Below.


I liked how simple it was but I was thinking that if you had where it was shooting the shots would make it better, as well the point values for the the shots made.

I love the concise chart, though I have a minor concern.
Since each chart represent each team. I’m guessing that there will be many scouts with each scout having a few teams to scout on. What will happen when there are 2 teams for one scout on a single qualifying match?
My other concern is that the chart of the shots show that the scout will have to count shots made and write the total number of each section. Would it be simpler to have a tally sheet in this case, especially when one single scout will have to watch for 2 or perhaps even 3 teams in one qualifying match?
Just my 2 cents. We are currently going with a tally sheet, but this chart is definitely a good one. I really like your notation for robot starting positions!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

So, the way we scout is just what the simplest way that came to us last year (our first real competitive season that we needed to scout). We only had four scouters, three scouts that wrote down the data and a one who controlled/entered the data into a spreadsheet. The three scouts would each take the teams off either the red or blue alliance (depending on what we decide beginning of the day), and each scout would take one team. Once the match was over we would pass the scouting sheet down to the person entering the data, and they would enter the data before the end of the next match, and this cycle would just repeat. The person that was designated to pass out the sheets for the next match does so after the scouts would pass them in. This also kept the process running smoothly. Also since both teams must be on both alliances it keeps you from missing out on scouting teams and makes it run a lot smoother :slight_smile:

We always make sure we take the match that our team is in so we can cheer them on!! :smiley:

And the plan was to be able to make tally marks in the boxes you will just have to make them small :slight_smile: but I can make a new one if you would like me to it would be no problem!