Code and design for Ri3D team, Team Redacted

Hello all,

I’m Jim Wright from the FIRST-WA Ri3D team, Team Redacted.

Team Redacted is doing something odd this year. Normally Ri3D teams focus on mechanical solutions and put very small amount of software one their robots. Since the WPI library has gone through quite a few changes for this year, we decided to spend a day and a half on autonomous code.

To that end we are going, violate a build rule and use two bases already built. We really did not want to spend time building small Kitbot bases and just jump into coding.

The Webpages for this project will be all on:

The code and designs are at:


Jim, this sounds like a really great idea. Here’s hoping the game doesn’t throw too big of a curveball at you!

This is a cool idea and a nice way to provide an innovative resource to the community.

Hello all,

Here is a summary of what I did for Ri3D:

I began on Saturday upgrading both robots to the 2020 Roborio image. I then characterized the Tasmainian Koala. Through this I found that some of the hardware needed some rework. I got through the characterization of the robot but some of the values were not making sense, and I went back to using the T-Wombat. When I left the field house I felt I knew enough about characterize a robot and run the Ramsete Command, however, I was really not the person to make a demo of it since the people at WPI are planning on writing up one, and I will wait for it.

I started Sunday morning trying to figure out what to do. Then in the shower it dawned on me that I was going to use the WPI Raspberry PI Vision Image and find the color pattern around the low goal. I felt that this was something I would be good at, and people can apply it to finding the ball on the field at well. So I focused all of Sunday on Image Processing and showing off the new PID Command code.

The WPI Raspberry PI Image example
My LED Ring work
Taking the output of the camera and using it in a PID loop



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