Code builds, deploys, and robot teleop enables, but nothing works.

Hello all, hopefully your builds and programs have been going well! Unfortunately, my team seems to have run into an issue where when we use nearly identical code to our robot from last year, we can’t actually use our joysticks to drive this year’s robot. The wiring is OK, and fits the parameters set in the code. Additionally, the current drive station setup works with the aforementioned Stronghold robot. However, despite enabling it, we cannot change our Spark motor controllers whatsoever. They work mechanically, but the code won’t update in in teleop.

I have some code here.

Note that the commented out code is simply there because we haven’t added any pneumatics or encoders yet.

Thanks for any help.

I would change line 75 to be:

daedalusDrive = new RobotDrive(leftDriveSpark, rightDriveSpark),

Also, what is the status color/pattern of the status lights on the Sparks when you enable the robot?

That’s the original code, and after switching it back we got it working. Because whoever wired it swapped the direction of the PWM in the Sparks.

Thanks though!

Are you absolutely positive that you’re wiring is ok?