Code deploys but no robot code on DS

Our code builds and deploys fine except I receive a message on the Rio log saying
********** Robot program starting **********
NT: could not open persistent file ‘/home/lvuser/networktables.json’: No such file or directory
NT: Listening on NT3 port 1735, NT4 port 5810
NT: Got a NT3 connection from port 61360
NT: CONNECTED NT3 client ‘NT3@’ (from
[phoenix] Library initialization is complete.
[phoenix-diagnostics] Server 2023.0.1 (Jan 12 2023, 21:30:23) running on port: 1250
Killing previously running FRC program…
FRC pid 5470 did not die within 500 ms. Force killing with kill -9

Here’s my repo: GitHub - Ethan4142/ChargedUp2023

Does this just repeat with no additional information? It sounds like the code is crashing. I would recommend you try running your code in simulation and/or a debugger to see where it’s crashing; C++ doesn’t give nearly as good of information as Java does on crashes without a debugger.

Also, it looks like you’re running an older version of WPILib, make sure you’ve upgraded to 2023.4.2.

Yes, it just repeats that with no additional information. I see the update on GitHub but how would I upgrade my WPILib on my editor to 2023.4.2?

You just download the file from GitHub and install that. I agree with what was written above about it being an issue with the code crashing. However, I’d also double check that the team number in the driver station matches the team number on the RIO.

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Using the WPILib installer is recommended (same way you originally installed). After you install it, vscode should prompt you to upgrade your robot project when you open it (if it doesn’t, you can edit the version in build.gradle).

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Thank you, I updated my wpilib version via the installer and my code shows up on the DS.

The “Debug Robot Code” (as opposed to “Deploy Robot Code”) menu item is your friend in this type of situation. Do that, and post details here…