"code doesn't load" solution C++

This link has a video tutorial for how to download code to the robot and convert the arcade drive to tank drive.


We actually were freaking out because we thought a library was jacked up.

After much thought I came to the solution that Windriver was repetitively loading the first code we set the preferences for.

This process of setting the preferences can be seen in the tutorial above better than in the FRC Programming Guide.

NOTE: this is for if you are having problems where the old code is still running but the new code is not

ie. the code said tankdrive clearly but the robot was running arcade.

It’s hard to estimate how much wasted time is avoided by just one of these videos – suffice it to say ‘a whole bunch’.
But I would dispute your note.
This video, and any others like it, are for any teams using the Wind River tools.

on the contrary, it discusses a problem that is seen in many of the programming forums and while many of these videos are of suspect, this one really helped us get over the first difficult bump.

I actually skipped over the video 3 times looking for a forum that could help. After seeing it a 4th time and having no luck thus far, i finally looked at it. Today we are finishing the camera tracking code, the shooter code, and the arm code.

Basically this shows you the programming guide again. Although it is not a great substitute, together they can get code on a robot