Code Error?

When we turn on our switch connected to the copetition port, the program state light on the robot controller turns red and the code error light on the O/I turns on. We may have had a pin short with pin 5 and an adjacent pin, but if there are any other suggestions on how to remedy the problem it would be gladly appreciated.

Thanks for all the help!
Team 2348, Moanalua High School

What is the “switch connected to the copetition port” supposed to do? There are very specific pins that you’re permitted to use without voiding your warranty.

If you’re talking about putting the controller in autonomous mode, then it’s likely that your autonomous routine is doing something to cause the code error. The typical reasons for that to happen are:

  • an infinite loop in the program that keeps the software from getting to the put_data
  • a faulty Interrupt Service Routine that fails to clear the source of the interrupt