Code Errors With "Bells and Whistles"

I rewrote the tracking code to track both ways. The C18 compile compiles it cleanly, and it loads with out a problem. The only problem is that after a second, I get a blinking red light on the robot indicatinga code error. I reset the bot and got the following on the Com1 output screen:

Camera: Initialization state = 1
Camera: Configuring with EEPROM data
Tracking: Configuring with EEPROM data

I have break statements included in my code, if thatmakes a difference.

Did I just leave out a nessacary code line or something? The only rountine I changed was the Servo_Track() routine. Any help would be great.

Did you fiddle with anything that could possibly be related to an interrupt service routine?
I had the identical problem with my code (not Kevins), caused by not handling the low-priority ISR.

No, all I edited was Servo_Tracking(). No intailization rountines or anything. Did I forget a sub call or something?

PS. I’m new at delphi this year and don’t know what you meen by “good reputation”. Are just asking me to tell others about yo or am I supposed to give you a good rating somewhere? Eliminating possiblibilities is always helpful.