Code from 2910 Code Release not building


Our team is trying to experiment with swerve code this year, so we have Mk2 swerve modules we are using. We realized that we could run team 2910’s year 2019 code on our robot for a basis of autonomous. So i downloaded this code as a zip file from GitHub, yet when i try to build the code in the java language I get this error here

so how would I resolve this issue so we can build and deploy this code on our teams robot, thank you for helping

Make sure you’re running .\gradlew instead of just gradlew. That tells the prompt “look in the current directory for this file”

It looks like you opened the parent directory of the project instead of the project itself. You need to open the directory containing gradlew.bat and build.gradle.

Ah yeah I guess I just had a misclick of not opening that second folder, Now i have the issue to solve of having to import their common program into their regular program but I should be able to solve this. Thank you for your help

For reference, In 2019 we ran NEOs on our MK2 modules with the steering motor sparks on PWM and drive on CAN.