Code "Kaj Driving"?

I’m trying to code this method of driving, where the left stick controls Forward/Reverse, and the right stick controls rotation. If anyone could show me how to do that it would be appreciated.

Some teams refer to this as “Halo Drive”. I am not a Java expert, nor am I overly familiar with the API. However, I believe it is just a matter of passing in the x axis value from one stick and the y axis value from the other stick in to the drive method.

This might help:

Use the ArcadeDrive example, but swap out the joystick axes as desired.

Thank you all for your help, however, if I wish to have a more accurate sensitivity, would I use the parameter “squaredInputs”?

SquaredInputs would give you **reduced **sensitivity (greater control) at small deflections (E.g. you would need to move the joystick 50% of the way to get 25% throttle) while still giving you 100% throttle at 100% joystick deflection.

We found that the squared inputs help greatly for the turn axis, but aren’t nearly as effective for the power (foward/backward) axis. So if our driver wants to go “slow” during alignment, he holds a button down to toggle ‘snail’ mode. Snail mode cuts speed to 70% of maximum (i.e. in the SRX’s Speed PID mode, we set the max speed to 7 ft/s instead of 10).