Code not changing robots function!

I was writing some simple code to control the robot feedback LED’s on the O/I and whenever i change the code then compile it and program it in, it never changes what the O/I does… So i programed in some drive functions to the robot (other than the default) and they didn’t work either…

however if i go to a different computer and open it from the network and compile it then upload it it works!? :ahh: But if it is compiled on the computer that it is saved on… It will not work!!


Any sugestions?

Are you absolutely 100% sure that you are loading the exact code you compiled? including the correct hex file name?

yes i deleted all the code off my computer except the exact one i was editing…

Make sure that the default code that turns on the LEDs is commented out (it’s in the slow loop) since that will most likely override any of your code that you wrote.