Code Open sourcing

I might as well do this before i forget… plan on building off of the auton framework with added functionality for 2015

Experimental CV Code-

(may or may not be used next depending on the roboRIO’s CV functionality. didn’t get used this year due to driver station issues)

2014 robot code-

fun stuff with auton-

OK, here’s another. We have some code that will likely be used to control RGB pixels on our robot this year. Our code is publicly posted at:

Seeing everyone’s contributions here is Chief Delphi is great. However, if your code is already in a publicly available git repository, is it necessary under R13 to post it here? Repositories on Github or Bitbucket are public anyway, searchable through the website and presumably through Google.

Just asking. Maybe we should have a separate forum area within CD for code/design publication.

As per

  • R13
    Software and mechanical/electrical designs created before Kickoff are only permitted if the source files (complete information sufficient to produce the design) are available publicly prior to Kickoff.

It does not mention a specific location that the files must be published to, so I presume that making it a public project on github/bitbucket is sufficient to fufill the rule. However, posting it on a random website that isn’t password protected is probably sufficient to satisfy the letter of the rule too.

However, not posting it on ChiefDelphi or somewhere that FIRST teams frequent is arguably against the spirit of the rule, and where possible I think most people would recommend doing that anyways.