Code Orange 3476 2014 "Hanalei" Robot Reveal

Code Orange 3476 would like to present “Hanalei,” our 2014 robot.

  • 6 wheel WCD w/ shifters

  • Fast reloading catapult

  • Ground Intake

  • 2 ball hot target detecting autonomous

  • Easy inbounding into robot

Feel free to ask questions and see you at Las Vegas and Championship!

Can’t wait to compete with you guys in Vegas!

Wait!? Is that a Hawaiian word you used to name your robot?


Please do explain.

We name our robots after famous surf breaks: Pipeline (2012), Mavericks (2013) and now Hanalei (2014). Hanalei, Kauai, is a great place to surf with family and friends. In that way, it represents the spirit of cooperation that is essential to Aerial Assist.

What are you guys using to do the hot goal detection? Maybe I’m missing it, but I don’t see a camera on the bot.

That’s awesome!

Excited to compete with you guys at Las Vegas and Championships!

Good call, Thad House. You will find the sensor we use for hot target detection at

We really should trade sensors, our FIM one is orange and the your Banner one is black.

Hopefully we will be at your practice this week, we have some ideas to fix the timing issues with the goal.

Las Vegas is gonna be fun.

Mark, how about Saturday? We are having another scrimmage and would love for 3309 to join us.

Care explain your setup? What exactly are you detecting?

Its a retro-reflective sensor, it has a LED in it, and the sensor detects the light being reflected back. Its super easy to use, this one may be a bit different, but the IFM one I use just has to be tuned once. They even blinks at you when you turn on the robot so you can check the sensor during match setup. Shine it on the retro reflector and see it it reads hot.

The hot zone timing is another problem, I need a bigger delay in my auto. Not sure how I am going to make up that time.

Yes, the timing is a bit difficult to perfect.

Looks great CO. It appears that you have the ability to catch - has this been tested/planned?

We certainly do have the ability to catch. This was one of our major focus points when designing the fold-out rear wall in order to increase our catching area by 20" in each direction. We did originally have similar fold-out side walls that gave us a huge catching area (similar to 33), but we currently do not have them on the robot.

We haven’t tested catching very much (due to the aggressive nature of Arial Assist the line-up is difficult) but we are definitely capable.

Have you seen the way 2056 catches? They line up against the field wall and all they have to do is backup or move forward to the correct distance.

Thanks, that looks like a good strategy.

That’s a very nice design. Kauai is one of my favorite places to visit.

What is the purpose of the two 1" square tube arms that come up at 0:37, 0:38 and 1:13? Do they modify the ball trajectory or do they keep the ball in the proper location for the shooter arm? What is the purpose of the polycarbonate “hinges” in the middle of those arms?

What is the ball on at 0:14?


Thanks. The 1x1 extrusion arms are for both positioning the ball and choosing a trajectory. As for the hinges, they allow the ball to quickly roll over into the catapult while also allowing us to hold the ball securely in place for driving.

The thing at 0:14 is a LEGO robot built to carry the ball. It was just a joke.

We are also very excited to compete with you guys at the Las Vegas Regional.