Code Orange 3476 2014 "Hanalei" Robot Reveal

Awesome bot!

Good luck everyone!

Thanks for the info.

Is this how you “condition” the balls to make them more spherical and shoot more consistently? Is there some secret technique that your human player (at 0:40) and 118’s share?

You figured out our secret! :stuck_out_tongue:

Has any other Robot Shot in Autonomous for the High Goal, Missed, then Caught the Re-bounded Ball and Shot it to Score in the Hot High Goal? Here is a 6 second video from the San Diego Regional, Match #11, showing “Hanalei” doing just that: :cool:
We are getting ready for the Las Vegas Regional, April 3 - 5, 2014.

Awesome! Looking forward to competing with you guys in Vegas!

Awesome job at the SD regional. I always tried to watch the matches you where in. Great build and good strategies!

Is this programmed to do this? just in case you get bounce back? If so that’s pretty unique of your programmers to think that far ahead.

Hanalei is programmed to run an auto mode that just shoots the first ball in the goal and then drives forward with our intake on. We have limit switches in our catapult that detect whether a ball is in the catapult and we use these to wait to shoot until our next ball is in our catapult. This runs on a loop for the rest of auto so if any balls get near our intake or bounce back into our robot we can shoot them. This also prevents us from dry-firing our catapult too often or mis-firing if something else in the autonomous mode has delayed the ball from reaching the catapult in the normal amount of time. :slight_smile: