Code Orange 3476 2015 "Cloud 9" Robot Reveal

Code Orange 3476 would like to present “Cloud 9,” our 2015 robot.

The video was made with our un-powder coated practice robot.



  • 2 6" VexPro dual omni wheels in back.
  • 2 6" AndyMark HiGrip wheels in front.
  • VexPro 2 CIM Ball Shifter with a 60:24 3rd stage, geared for 5/15 FPS.
  • Gyro and encoders allow for consistent autonomous mode

Roller Intake:

  • Pneumatically actuated.
  • Uses two RS-550 motors with VexPro 15:1 VersaPlanetary gearboxes for very quick tote and recycling container control.


  • Can pick up toppled recycling containers
  • Creates stacks up to 6 totes high + recycling container
  • Uses one CIM with a VexPro 9:1 VersaPlanetary gearbox
  • Can go from bottom to top in less than 2 seconds
  • Uses brake calipers and a custom disk brake to hold up to 110 lbs of force
  • Uses a 16" stroke pneumatic to push coopertition stacks on to the step
  • Automatic stack building is programmed for speed and accuracy.
  • Tall stacks are stabilized using gripping walls actuated pneumatically.

Back Ramp:

  • Allows for quick human tote loading from the back of the robot
  • Can make a stack of six in less than 25 seconds


  • Stacks all 3 yellow Totes and creates a TOTE SET, ready for Coopertition bonus

3467 approved.

I like the incorporation of the blue into the structure.

Thanks! Goes pretty well together.

Hey Code great robot!

We can help with co-op bonus on the wall fast and topping those 6 stacks with RC+noodles…see ya in San Diego!

Very simple design and looks like it performs with the best… impressed to say the least!

Thanks, see you in a few weeks.

Looks awesome guys! Irvine teams are going to be doing well this year at Inland for sure!

Looks great…it will look even better if we are looking at it next to ours and not looking at it from across the field :smiley:

Looks like a great robot! And I’m really happy you put a picture of it in your post (it’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine when teams just post a link to a video)!

Another well-executed machine from Code Orange. Will be watching how things go down in IE this weekend, best of luck!

I like the use of your guide wheels to throw the bins out of the way. I suspect no few teams will follow you on this now.

I love the actuating side walls. Can’t wait to play with you at IE

I love this Robot! Can’t wait to compete with all of you at IE

Your team have done a thorough job of thinking through this simple and elegant design. The execution is beautiful too. I especially like the details such as the polycarb guides for the totes as they load.

Thanks also for posting the electronics training videos.

This is one of the favorite robot’s I have seen this year. It’s so clean and simple. I’ve been a Code Orange fan since seeing your 2013 robot.

I love the side walls to keep things steady!

Thank you Mike!

I like the tread on the front wheel. Does having the tread go only half way around the wheel give you better traction on the HDPE? :wink:

Nice robot guys. It’s too bad we won’t be playing together this year.

Ha ha, it was a rushed Photoshop job.