Code Red Reveal-Fanbot

Code Red Robotics’ 2014 Robot. Enjoy :slight_smile:

And a link to last year’s teaser:


More pictures of it in frame perimeter:


Does, does it work?

Awww… Such a tease! I want to see it in action!

We were going to have someone push it round for the video so you all could see it moving, but we ran out of time :slight_smile:

Um. Perimeter issues? The incomplete state leaves me with lots of questions. Still, if never occurred to me that one could move this year’s game piece with air.

I’m actually not entirely sure this is real, but I don’t want to offend anybody…

…You guys really made me sad last year. :frowning: It was not nice!

This was from a while ago. The fan is being twisted 90 degrees to fit in frame.

Which is why we have FanBot 2.0 :wink:

One think to say about this robot, I am a fan.

Please tell me you can “hold” the ball like a Bernoulli Blower. That would make my day forever.

That could actually give some of those w/ a flat long high goal shot a little more hang time in the air if used as a goalie and cause them to actually make a shot they could normally miss low. But if used as a defensive bot out on the field roaming to direct free balls rolling could be quite effective if that airflow is very directable.

Did you finish it before bag/tag time? There is a “no curtain rule” concerning possibly blocking driver vision this year…You saw that right? (I’m assuming of course there is a larger curtain tube ala last years Fanbot). It was quite effective on low shot spinning frisbees, but 24" very hard launched big balls? Maybe.

Good Luck again this year.

Two updated pictures of Fanbot with fan in frame perimeter: We renamed this version 2.1.