Code Red Robotics Team 639 Regional Wrap

Second seed and winner at the Buckeye Regional. See everyone on Archimedes!

We’ve spent the few weeks we’ve had working on improving reliability around our robot, from a hopper that jams less to treads that don’t fall off.

Quick question, what was defense like against you guys? Without touching the pyramid it looked like you could’ve been easy jostled away from the three pointer without causing much of an issue.

great looking robot, good job, and good luck in St. Louis

The way their strategy will work is simple: if you’re defending them, you’re losing. They’ll probably ideally want to be on an alliance with a full court shooter, or a short robot, who will pull the defense away from them (and Archimedes is full of both of these robots).

A great robot, and great scouting. Congrats on your Buckeye win, and can’t wait to see your bot in person.

Good luck :slight_smile: