Code Release for FRC Team 670 (Deep Space, 2019)

I was asked by a few teams if we would be releasing this year’s code, so with our last competition of the year is now over, here it is.

The code for FRC Team 670’s robot “The Flex” can be found here:


  • State Machine control for our double-jointed arm with an extension stage
  • Vision Targeting System
  • Pure Pursuit driving to a vision target
  • “Rocket League” driving setup
  • Automatic intake mechanism
  • GStreamer camera streaming for low latency camera view with a high framerate
  • Unused but functional autonomous driving code using Jaci’s Pathfinder
  • Interesting climber code for a climbing system that never got built
  • Cool LEDs which change color based on robot actions

We tried to document the code as we went, and the wiki includes a fair amount of information on it, though I apologize since some of it is still fairly messy.

While we may not have made it to playoffs at a regional this year, I am very proud of my team and what we accomplished. We may not have won, but we did something more important, we made a cool robot and had fun doing it. Over 20 people had their hands in this code, and I am proud of each of them and the dedication and effort they put in during the 6-week build season grind.


I think the best part about it is the YeetHeldItem command. Nice job!

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