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I’ve been teaching students code but its not very efficient and I feel like they aren’t absorbing a lot of the material. I want to make a lesson similar to how they’ve done this on BlackBird.

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Many students respond well to project-based instruction with a specific and useful goal. ‘Hello world’ is a trivial example.


What level of prior knowledge do your students have? How much external support do they have outside of the robotics team to help them learn?

they don’t know anything and so far all I’ve been able to teach them with my limited knowledge and time is drivetrain code. I have also had them follow 2 of these BlackBird projects.

Try to figure out what a reasonable scope to attempt with the resources you have is, and stick to that. You can’t force people to learn any faster than they can teach themselves, as a rule.

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yea they were really into the whole blackbird style but aren’t very into me manually teaching them because there’s about 8 I am trying to teach and when ones behind it holds up the whole thing so some students are sat there wanting more to do but I can’t really manage multiple parts in a lesson at once especially since I’m thinking it all up on the spot like as if I was coding it myself but without the help of VS. I don’t really know I’m hoping this upcoming Kettering Coding Camps will help me better teach and help them get a better understanding.

It sounds like you have a wide variety of prior knowledge/ability levels, which is a common struggle when teaching coding. The best (only) solution to this is to match the lesson content to the student - this might require splitting your class into two.

As you’ve noticed, this is hard/impossible to do on-the-fly. It takes planning and preparation.

Yea unfortunately as a fresh graduate heading to college and looking to still support and mentor it’s hard to preplan a whole lot. Also with me being the only one to know software and us having small amounts of time it’s hard to split the class.

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