Code to increase speed when joystick is pushed further

Right now, I just have tank drive-2 motors, 2wheel drive setup, with two joysticks. No matter how far the joystick is pushed forward or backward, the motors turn the same speed. How can I set it up so that when pushed a little, the motor goes a slower speed, than pushing the joystick full throttle?

They aren’t always going the same speed watch the LEDs on the victors full forward is green and full rev is red and anything in between is off. If you are just touching the joysticks and its going full speed something is wrong.

Some things to look at. (If I am starting too simple, bear with me because some people reading this may need the info.) Did you initalize the motors in the “Initialize” portion of the program? This sets the correct PWM port to the motors. Second, did you put the “2 motor tank control” in the operator’s portion? Did you set the variables in the tank control? Most inputs are self explanatory. If you have done this, you are past my knowledge.

Can you make sure that you are calling the Tank Drive block inside of a loop? That block takes the *current *joystick values and sends them to the motors. Often people only use the block once - but there should be an infinite loop in the OperatorControl function that contains those blocks so they are called repeatedly. If the block is only used once, it will only send once speed to the motors.