Code To Make The Radio Work

I have a robot with a 2004 RC and IO, but they are not communicating. The IO radio is transmitting but the RC radio is only on standby. We did a master reset but did not solve or problems. I was wonder if there was code that controlled the radio? When I tethered the robot, it work perfectly well! This is something that I never seen. Please Help! Thank You!

Try swapping the cable out on the radio. Sometimes they get flakey, especially with old age.

I have switch the cables.

sounds like the 2007 radio problems. Make sure you have older radios.

I the radios are 04 radios,

Do you think it is a hardware or software problem?

The code that controls the radio is in the master CPU. You say you’re using a 2004 control system, but are the radio modems also from 2004? In order for the RC to work properly with the 2007 radios, make sure you’ve got version 15 of the master code loaded. For earlier radios, version 13 should be sufficient, but version 15 is still preferred.

Have you checked for possible sources of radio interference?

I reloaded the master code but still some results.

Any More Ideas?

Have you tried using the OI interface from 2004 with the RC interface from 2004? If this works, your hardware is not the issue and both are working fine.

2005,2006 hardware are compatible with each other, but when you try to use or mix them with 2007 hardware, they will require the firmware changes talked about earlier, but the communication is still not flawless because the hardware is not 100% compatible. You may have to purchase a 2007 replacement radio for the one that is failing.

I hope this helps.