Code won't deploy

When I try to deploy our LV code we get an error that the target can’t be found. What is confusing is that the driver station says we have communication and is pinging the robot. We could not get to the webdashboard with roboRIO-team.local but can using . We updated the roboRIO firmware through the webdashboard and reimage the roboRIO using the imaging tool.

Any ideas?

What target address (in parentheses) is associated with the RT deployment in the LabVIEW project?


Are you using a separate computer than your programming computer for the Driver Station or is it the same computer?

What communication method are you using between the computer(s) and the roboRIO (USB, Ethernet, Wireless)? If you are using Ethernet make sure you are going though the d-link not direct to the roboRIO.

If you are using a USB cable with the programming computer then change the ip address you are deploying to, to be

If works, that suggests that you’re using a USB connection to the roboRIO instead of Ethernet. Does the Driver Station connect successfully over Ethernet? Can you ping the roboRIO-2147.local address? Is your computer configured for DHCP (“obtain IP address automatically” or something like that)? Is the roboRIO Ethernet set properly to “DHCP and link local”?

No, don’t do that. The mDNS name should be used regardless. The symptoms described seem to say that the mDNS support isn’t working right on the programming computer. That’s the part that should be fixed.

I am connected with the USB cord. Works now when I turn off the computers wireless. Don’t know why but it works.


Do you have mDNS client installed on the computer?

If you’re going to be connected by wire, you should disable the wireless adapter. Windows and LabVIEW do not always manage to pick the right network hardware when more than one is active.