Code Won't Deploy

Our team has been having trouble deploying our code. We are trying to use the example from CTRE just to get our drivetrain working, and none of us are programmers!

The code builds, we can see all the motors in Phoenix Tuner, although we can’t control them yet. It doesn’t seem to be a mechanical problem at the drivetrain ran last year before the Pandemic shutdown.

However when we try to deploy we get errors (trying to find error log) such as java.lang.nullpointerException and something about the startcompetitionmethod. At one point, trying various things the code deployed to DriverStation but didn’t work. We had some issues imaging the roboRIO (which was a recent replacement from NI.
Our code is at

If anyone can help us figure out what we’re doing wrong, we would greatly appreciate the help!

Heads up, you have a typo in the URL (gitub -> github)

And your likely problem is that m_myRobot.setRightSideInverted(false); comes before you construct m_myRobot with m_myRobot = new DifferentialDrive(_leftFront, _rghtFront);. Switch the order of those two lines.


Thank you @Christopher149! It drives now!

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