Codeblocks IDE

Team 610 uses the codeblocks ide instead of mplab to compile code for our robot. There have been some requests for it but I’ve been either busy or havn’t checked chief delphi enough to respond so I’m releasing the entire thing here.

This specific version is designed to run on Kevin Watson’s new code with mcc18 3.10. It also runs portably out of the box, just copy the contents of your mcc18 folder to the mcc18 folder in the codeblocks folder, put the entire folder on a flash drive or something, and you can code anywhere.

Just run the shortcut named CodeBlocks or the batch file portable_codeblocks.bat, don’t run codeblocks.exe. All the batch file does is change your home directory temporarily to the settings folder when codeblocks starts up.

To load up code, make a new project, under User Templates select FRC Robot Code, and then just add all your .c and .h files, no need to add the .lkr or .lib files as long as they are in the same directory.

This is a relatively new version that I modified so I havn’t tested it thoroughly.

You can download it here

Hehe, I didn’t think any other compiler beside MPLab could be used. Nice. :smiley:

Team 11 has been using CodeBlocks for the past couple years also, it’s a great IDE and I suggest everyone checks it out. It’s completely open source, and we’ve written a few plugins of our own for it.

It seems this file doesn’t work with Vista.
To get it to work follow these instructions

  1. Go to the settings folder

  2. Rename Application Data
    to Roaming

  3. Make a new folder named AppData

  4. Place Roaming
    in AppData

Mmm, I keep getting this error:

Error - could not find file ‘C:\Users\Hank\Desktop\CodeBlocks\projects\hanks_robot_code\ifi_frc_8722.lib’.
Errors : 1

Does anyone know how to fix? Thanks in advance.

Are you using Kevin’s Code? If so, then you need to move 18f8722.lkr as well as rename ifi_frc_8722_30.lib to ifi_frc_8722.lib and move them to C:\Users\Hank\Desktop\CodeBlocks\projects\hanks_r obot_code. Both of these are in the ifi_frc folder.

I would strongly recommend against this. Unless you’re backing up your code to a hard drive somewhere on a regular basis. Flash drive are not a permanent storage solution. They can get lost, get corrupted, get rewritten too many times, or just plain die. Losing your robot’s code due to a flash drive failure isn’t going to be a fun thing.