What codec(s) can we use for the AVA?

My favorites are DivX, Bink, and Smacker.

I’d also like to know.
Well, if they wanted to make things easy, they could point everybody at some VCD software and have us make VCDs in mpeg1 or mpg2…that’d make the conversion to DVD REALLY easy.
But, yeah, anything’s better than Cinepak gagging noises at insanely overcompressed video files.
Hey…maybe they’ll let us use xvid?

i agree that the vcd idea is pretty smart, but like the chairmans award First has got to assume that some teams don’t have the resources or know-how to make a vcd (just a thought)

we like dvix but how will first know what codec each team uses, let’s say that one team has an unknown codec, then what happens?

has anyone looked over the chairman’s award submission information? you cant do a video this year…

is there another award for video production that i didn’t see?



our team was pissed cause we had some really cool ideas for a video…but because some teams don’t have a single computer on their team, which is what you need to make a video…no video or book submissions for chairmans award.

Here’s an idea:
If the codec is not included with 3ds MAX 5 (Cinepak, Microsoft Vid 1, etc.) then the team must include the codec on the CD they submit, unless it is a certain set of other extremely standard codecs (mpeg1 and mpg2, basically, because I have no idea where to download a specific mpeg1 codec…of course, VCDs essentially include one…)
Well, thought I’d kick the idea around here to see if maybe we could get a group of emailers with roughly the same idea and see what FIRST thinks. Ne opinions?

i had the same idea. When submitting your cd’s possbily on one or maybe using a third cd…you write codec used:divx. That way even if they can’t load it off your cd…they know what codec was used. Otherwise…if they were really smat in the entry guidlines they would have made a spot for teams to list what codec was used…or made a list of acceptable codecs.

just my thoughts…

ah i’m sorry i totally misinterpreted that whole thread…

you HAVE to use cinepak or no compression at all. my team got into this last year because we didn’t see that we could use cinepak until the very end and we had to send an uncompressed (630 MB!) video to FIRST…


i’m snot sure what you are talking about…last year you HAD to use cinepak…yes…this year you can use anything. It says so in the rules.

Where in the rules? I haven’t read them thoroughly yet, but a reference page/section would be great ^.^
If we can use anything, how are we supposed to submit it? If FIRST hasn’t said anything about codecs aside from “anything”, it’s inquisitive email time.