server with FRC

I’ve discovered as a cloud IDE for me and my programmers to use while we are in school on our iPads and its being hosted off of an azure server. Anyone know of how I can install the wpilib extension into that version of vscode?

if you run it as a docker container, you should be able to add the extension before packaging the container. That being said, I really have no idea. How does it store project files?

I’m unsure about the specific UI elements involved here (since some services are supposedly removed from the container), but you can (as mentioned in the readme) download the .vsix file from the WPILib VSCode repo and install it manually.

I was able to get the wpilib extension installed, however I have no means to test it. Run docker exec (insert container name from docker ps here) wget (or whatever the latest link is) and then on the Coder interface, go to the install from VSIX option and find the extension under /home/coder/project

I’m not sure if it can use random docker images, but if so we have a roborio docker image that includes the c++ compiler and jdk. It is the image we use with azure for wpilib ci builds, and some teams use it for team builds as well.

The dockerfile is here if that makes things easier

As a member of a LabVIEW team, I’m not affected either way but it would be cool to see if this worked for the wpilib teams.