Coding for Mecanum problems

We’ve started with a commandbasedrobot template created using RobotBuilder from WPILib for Mecanum drive and exported to windriver.](

The problem is that we are trying to call the jaguars within Windriver in drivewithjoystick.cpp but it won’t compile correctly.
Is there something wrong with our RobotBuilder template that isn’t allowing us to do so?

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In robot builder have you set the drivewithjoysticks command to require your joystick

It won’t allow us to require any controllers in the OI.

Could you supply the compiler’s output?

We’ve gotten rid of all the non auto generated code so I’m afraid I can’t do that.

It’s not a good practice to have a command directly access a piece of hardware, so RobotBuilder doesn’t make the hardware public. Rather, you should create a public method of your subsystem that safely accesses the hardware, and then call those methods from your command.

How can you tell that it won’t compile correctly when you don’t have any compiler output?

So it didn’t compile correctly because the output told us that there was something wrong, but since the creation of this thread I’ve gotten rid of all non auto generated code. So now it compiles correctly but there’s nothing that we have modified.