Coding Nightmare Next Year?

On the “create your own game” thread, there have been a lot of suggestions for robot autonomy during at least a portion of the game. I’m worried about the sanity of my coding people for next year. Imagine having your robot running all of its systems automatically :eek: ! Do you think FIRST will allow more powerful systems for control next year to prepare us for the nightmare?

Actually, I’m looking forward to it. This year the programmer’s job was a bit… dull. Not sure how it was for other teams, but all we did was manipulate the inputs a bit. Thats fun, but it’s not anything special. Encouraging autonomy would make our lives fun next year, and I can’t wait =D

Yes, as Dan said, being a programmer this yera was too easy. I had to d ophysical labor in working on the robot, cause the code was all finished. I need more code to work on, so I don’t have to get dirty. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck, this years coding was nice, only cause i was (feels so good to say that) a rookie, and i didn’t know PBASIC at all. now, i know a lot more (no thanks to Joe ;)), and i’m ready for something fun, like automated robots! if i wanted, i could have made the robot automated this year. very messy, and no variation, but hey, it would work. i hope next year the code is slightly more advanced though. oh well, it’s still fun!

I could see how coding this year was kinda dull. My friend was coding this year and I could tell he wasn’t challenged by it. We asked him for an automatic gripper control at play-date, we got it in 5 minutes. And you’re probably right, that it will make their job much more exciting. I have a feeling that FIRST will give us such a heaping supply of sensors that we won’t know what to do with them all. It should be fun.

i like the whole idea personally. it would be a good challenge. i was hoping my team could do some autonomy this year but we never did. for my team this year was a heavy coding year. those who have seen our 2001 robot, there wasnt much code to it at all. same with 2000 too. this year we had a ton of awesome programming in the robot. we ended up using up 4 banks of memory after all the coding. next year is going to be a nightmare if my team has to do any more programming than this year. our team always seems to run short on programmers. this year there were 3 of us. (1 was an engineer) going into next year were looking for people on our team that we can recruit to join the 2 of us that are left. not that i dont think the 2 of us can handle it but its still a lot of work and 3 heads are better than 2.

as for sensor type stuff i wouldnt mind seeing some more cool sensors. my team didnt use a whole lot of sensors (basically 2 pots and a limit switch), but we had some pretty cool programming with em. we almost had a finalized code for using 4 hot swappable pots for our crab drive system. that woulda been cool but we were limited on testing time and on coding time. that and we had other things that the team wanted. we almost had a gyro on the robot that would keep the robot heading straight at the start of the match but we couldnt get the numbers quite right and were limited on weight.

Worried about us programmers? Nonsense! Programmers can do anything … right??? :smiley:

Anyway, last year we had 5 pots and predefined positions, each involving up to 4 moving parts, plus feedback control for each pot … that was basically baptism by fire for my rookie year. This year, though, it was mindnumbingly dull. I got by by coming up with clever jokes and interesting obfuscations that I would put it the code, so I am very much hoping there will be autonomy next year. Either that, more sensors, or a game that encourages the use of advanced programming over brute force.


Chris, you guys had that cool feedback system where you could tell when the breakers were popping, how much juice was being drawn, etc., right? I read about in one of the forums, and now I definately want to do something like that next year :smiley: