So i was sending some pm’s and i got this mesage
you think the 47 is a coincincidence?

Sorry! The administrator has specified that users can only post one message every 47 seconds.

I think Brandon programmed that on purpose (just a hunch).

yea, i got that a lot. it wont let you post before 47 seconds too if you want to post again, also search

Actually, search is 25 seconds.

But yeah, Brandon has slipped a lot of 47s into the code. Like you can only give 47 rep clicks per day.

heh i never get round to living on here enoguh to do that

I think it used to be 45 seconds or something like that for posting. I don’t know why it’s 47 now, though. I’ve also noticed the other limits.

he’s on team 47. so of course it isn’t a coincidence

Same reason the site backs up 47 minutes after the hour (5 am where I am) every morning.

Brandon has the number 47 embedded in this forum in many different ways. :slight_smile:
I’m just glad 47 isn’t the total number of PMs you can have because I’m getting near the 250 limit! :wink:

Down for a periodic backup. 03/01/2005 05:47:00 EST

I wonder how many we can find in here…

That’s really interesting, I never knew that b4.