cold cathodes w/ OI

I was wondering if we could use either cold cathodes or black light on our operator interface. I already Know it has to be battery powered


If you know it has to be battery powered, why are you asking??? Anything part of the O.I. must run off of the Operator Interface Controller thingy’s power grid, unless its a chicklet or a laptop, which has to be run off of internal batteries.

I was wondering if it was ok to have a black light on it.

I don’t think a black light or the cold cathodes will be able to run off the +5 volts you can get from the OI. However, if you already bought them, a cool thing to do is to mount them on your robot cart. For a cool effect, mount them on the bottom about 2 inches in. It creates a cool underglow effect.

You may not use the OI to power anything except the joysticks and LEDs on the provided ports. If you bring something to the player station it must be self powered and not connect to the OI in any way. There is a whole section in the manual relating to Operator Control System. However, a light of any kind will attract the refs attention more than almost anything else. I would leave the lights for at home and when you are showing the robot off to community groups and sponsors.