Collaboration Tool

New FTC team and i am looking for a collaboration space for the team. I created a Google+ account, but cannot figure out a good way to cretae task and have team members sign up for them…

What is your team using and how? Any info would be appreciated…

Coach Seb
FTC #9819

A few of the software packages mentioned in these threads might be of use to you:

My team has used Google Docs for some basic interactions. Spreadsheets for financial info, tasks, etc.
Google+ is most likely not going to be of much use unfortunately.

Google Drive is great for sharing and collaborating on files and documents.

Slack is great for discussions, with separate chat channels and group/private messaging. They have really good apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. It also bridged the mentor and student communication in a way not possible on social media. Great for file sharing, it also features convenient integrations with apps like Google Drive, Twitter, and Git.

Slack and Google Drive comprised Team 1257’s new and improved communication system last year, and I couldn’t be happier with how well it worked.

4901 uses a combination of Trello (for heavy lifting) and GroupMe (for quick announcements, including to check Trello). We examined Slack, and I love using it for work, but we had too many people with dumbphones to rely on it for real-time communication.

Team using Google Docs… are you creating a google account for the team and then share password or is there a way to share to anyone in a circle or community ?

If you have a Google Group set up, you can share the doc with the group

We took a slightly different approach, creating a team public folder and sharing it with every team member’s Google account.

We used Basecamp with much success. It’s free for educators. I think I might try slack for group chats this year - thanks for the suggestion

We just set the sharing privileges to only those with the link can edit. We don’t do anything super sensitive or irreplaceable. Though my school does have Google Apps for Education, and I could require that only users within our email domain use the app.