Collaborative Scouting at IRI

Hi everyone! I’m currently trying to arrange scouting for my team at IRI, and am looking into collaborating with other teams there. We collaboratively scouted at both our regionals and Archimedes, and it was a rousing success. But many of our previous collaborators aren’t going to IRI.
If anyone is interested in collaboratively scouting with 20 at IRI, email me at leonkevi (@)
I know many teams that have been going for years probably already have a system in place or already collaborate with some other teams going, but I also know there are going to be many new faces among the IRI teams.
Thank you, and good luck at the competition! :slight_smile:

i dont know if you saw this thread…

(Edit) im guessing now that you did, as you posted in it, so this is for anyone else who hasnt seen the other thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but that thread’s about pre-scouting IRI. And I considered collaborating with 3928’s thing, but we prefer using our own scouting system that’s worked for us so far. This thread isn’t looking promising so far…

Last call for anyone who wants to get involved.
So far we have teams 11, 20, 71, 195, and 2468. I’d like to be able to fill two scouting shifts without using mentors to scout (they don’t give good data anyway :P).
That might seem like quite a few teams, but keep in mind that many teams are bringing 1-2 scouts. Those involved will get a copy of our IRI excel spreadsheet with all of our data from the entire event to use for whatever purpose you please during the event. We have our own scouting system, but are always open for suggestions and criticism.
Let me know soon. Thank you.

I just thought I’d put in a good word for 20’s scouting system. Twice 2791 has had the fortune of using 20’s scouting data and both times we ended up with two solid alliance partners that did what we expected them to do. 20 is easy to work with, produces good data, and publishes it in an easily digestible Excel spreadsheet. If you want to take scouting seriously at IRI but don’t have the manpower to pull off full data, this is your ticket.

We want to get involved! I’ll get my head scout to email you right away! We loved scouting with you guys at Championship, so you can count 4265 in!

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me. We now have more than enough scouts. Good luck to everyone competing!

Update it please, 2590 is waiting on the scouting results to hold a meeting.

Updated, we apologize for the slow update.