Collecting Mass Data on 2022 Cargo Game Pieces

Hey Everyone!!

Myself and the NUTRONs have a simple request for teams. As all teams currently only have 2 game pieces, we thought it may be beneficial to collect and publish some data for this year’s game pieces. We’re hopeful this can help teams feel more confident in their testing and pickup on trends that we may not be able to pick up on individually.

So with that, the request!! Weigh your OFFICIAL Cargo (using a gram scale) and file your results in this google form. We did ask teams to report on how worn your Cargo is at the stage of weighing as we suspect there may be a potential trend there as well.

The data set can be viewed in this spreadsheet

Thanks everyone and good luck!



It’s Saturday!! Many of you are probably at your shops. Might be a good time to weigh some game pieces… :slight_smile: