College Anyone???

As a graduating senior from Team 217, I know that I’m gonna miss working with my team very much next year. I’m already trying to figure out when/where I can volunteer my time, but that’s for another thread.

What I really want to know is where everyone is going to college next year and what they are going to study. As for myself, I’ll be at the University of Pennsylvania studying biochemistry. I know it’s not engineering, but it’s what I like to do.

So…for all the other seniors out there: Where are you going to college and what do you plan to study?

Oakland University majoring in businesses management minoring in some type of engineering im unsure exactly what

Here is a cool little app I wrote last year so you can see where people from your HS are going and who else is going to your college. Check it out:

You might want to check out that thread, it asks Seniors where they had applied earlier in the year.