College Decisions Help

I need help from the FIRST community. I am currently a senior, and i have two schools that i have been accepted to. They are WPI and SIT(stevens institute of technology). All are their own, and both have their own pro and cons. I would like some input on which you think is the best one to choose. My major for WPI is robotics engineering, and for SIT, electrical engineering. Please help?!

This probably won’t be helpful, but those are both fine schools. Congratulations on getting accepted at both.

It really comes down to which place (note that I did not write “School”) you are more willing to live for four years. The feel of the school and its environs is far more important than almost anything else. Assuming the financial aspects are addressed, of course.

kinda late but im kinda going through a similar situation. im majoring in econ, but ive been accepted to schools scattered across the country. Personally i want to be far away enough from home, but not too far away. so schools in my state and close states are better for me personally. both of the schools you mentioned have great programs and its an amazing feeling to be accepted, I know haha. just weigh the pros and cons for picking either school, and even decide which major you prefer and hopefully everything will become clear for you :slight_smile:


First of all, congratulations on getting accepted into engineering programs at both fine schools.

I have to disclose that I got my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at WPI - but spent alot of time as an undergraduate in NJ. With that said, go back and visit both schools. Walk through the campus again. You have to May1 to make your decision.

See if you can attend a class. Senior’s present their capstone projects in April - check out this date at both schools. Where do you feel you fit in the best.

If you decide to come back up to WPI, let me know, if I am not traveling, I will arrange to meet you on campus.

Good luck - Marie

One piece of advice to consider that my brother gave me years ago when I was trying to decide between schools: Which school has the better reputation if you change majors (in your case, out of engineering)?

One very important factor about WPI is that its a small campus in the middle of a terrible city. As was said earlier, its ultra important that you like the area, it will be your home for 4+ years.

Also remember to visit, and see if you like or dislike the area firsthand. “Terrible” is a matter of opinion.

-A lifetime Worcester resident