College Exams

I’m sitting here after pulling an allnighter to study for an exam, wondering who else is ready for this semester of college to be over? One more exam after I take this one in like an hour. Hopefully everyone does great on their semester exams.

Like you wouldn’t believe.

It only makes sense that all five of my professors have exams…SPCH 140 was a breeze, UNIV 101 too (even though there were a few questions that I swear we didn’t cover). However, today is the fun day. I’ve got ENGL 101 in two hours, then at 2:00 PM I take my MUSC 110 final (which is really a test on the last section of the book).

And remember, it’s the fall semester. So FIRST isn’t an excuse for a failing grade (not that it’s ever an excuse)!

I’ve a final on the 13th, and then a final on the 21st.
The 13th is stat 210 and will be fairly easy, but the 21st is my Bio class and that will be a killer. Fortunately, I have a week to study for it.


::raises hand::

…but I, uh…only have one exam, and it’s on Tuesday. ::ducks to hide from the inevitable stuff being thrown at me for saying this::

These past few weeks have been terrible on the workload, however, but I had two classes that ended with presentations and then another that ended with a paper (one of the presentation-ending classes has an optional final, but by calculating my grade it seems that I would have to get a 95 or something outrageous on it for my grade to shift up at all).

So, I’m definitely ready to hightail it back to CT asap and start Christmas shopping.

**12/17/04 **
8:00-11:00 Composition 101
1:00-3:00 Women’s Literature :ahh:
3:00-6:00 Intro to College Algebra

10:30-12:30 Fundamentals of Music :ahh:

I’m definitely not looking forward to 6 straight hours of finals on Friday. Luckily, the first hour of my math final is a reveiw, so I can afford to be a few minutes late (it takes about ten minutes to get from one building to the other). I still have two papers to write; one for my composition class (a persuasive essay, easy stuff) and one for my Women’s Lit class (something about voodoo in African American literature … not so easy).

I’ll probably spend most of my weekend at the library.

Had 4 final exams and one final project between 7 classes. The exams are givin in two hour blocks and most of them I finished in 1-1.5 hours. My Engineering Graphics final was at 7 AM and I live 40 miles from school. That was aweful, but I still think I did alright. Then there’s my Math final which counts for 28% of my grade, yikes!.

All of my finals went well for me, but it is only my first quarter in college. :slight_smile:

This past week was horrific for me. I had a web design project due around the 3rd then a second final web design project due on the tenth. (I tried to squeeze in a weekend with Gregory in between there, bad! bad! idea.) My final for that class was today (had to be completed by noon). On Wednesday for my Information Systems Class I had my final presentation and Project due it was huge it included a culmination of Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Web Design (Pfew). Thursday I had my last BIG Calculus Exam. Then today, I had a next to impossible VS .net C++ project on structures.

To culminate my wonderful week, I get to start studying for three finals next week. One in C++, Calc, and IST MIS. I CAN’T WAT!!!

Best Wishes! :slight_smile:

Well, for me, this is really easy. In the automotive program here, we take 4 four week classes plus any other classes that are regualr semester-long classes. My first two automotive classes didn’t have finals, but the last two both did, but I took one of them four weeks ago! I have the final for my last automotive class on monday, but nothing I need to study for. The only other class I had was ENL 111 and we only had a final paper due this past Tuesday, but no test. The only thing I dislike about the four week classes is that they continue through finals week, so while some people have finished their finals and gone home, I have class through next Tuesday (though I don’t have to go on Tues. :smiley: !)

Well I hate to bring this thread back up after being dead for 3 days but I’m so happy about my finals being almost over. I have one more exam (Calc 2) today and thats it for me. Finally finished with this semester. I definitely not looking forward to the four hour drive home by myself tomorrow. My roommate still has an exam left so he wont be riding home with me. Guess I will have to hook my laptop up and listen to music to stay awake.

mine are not that bad. In my humanities all we had to do is write two, two page papers that are due on wed. Then i have to English exams on Tuesday, One for the Gordon Rule (I dont knwo if that is only a Florida thing) and then one for the final. Then Thursday i have a 40 question us government exam, when i took the midterm it took me 12 minutes and i didnt miss one so i am not that worried.

It sounds like all you guys are in better shape than me. I guess I shouldnt have taken so many hours of hard classes this semester. Oh well, I guess thats what I get for being an engineering major :yikes: . Back to studying. Chiefdelphi offers an excellent distraction when no one is on AIM.

WOOHOO! for a week of finals!! :rolleyes:

Monday: 1pm - Technical Calc
Tuesday: 8am - Visual Basic Programming
Wednesday: 8am - Physics
Thursday: “Free Day”
Friday: 7:45am - Chemistry
Saturday: 8am - Applied Statics

Beat this early morning, weekend finals schedule. :stuck_out_tongue:

Easiest Exam Schedule Ever

Monday Dec 13th: Circuit Analysis 10:00AM-12:00PM

Wednesday December 15th: Digital Electronics 9AM-11AM

Thursday: Calc 2:30-4:30

My other class is a projects lab which the final exam was to finish your project (which was the only grade of the semester)…basically one long exam all semester

2 down and 2 to go.

I had Spanish 107 on Friday which was probably the easiest final ever I will ever be lucky enough to take in college. This morning was Calc 2. Not fun!! I do not know how I did on that test, and well I’m not sure I am looking foward to finding out.

Phase 2 of exams = chemisty. This is not going to be fun. I take my 12 page general chem exam on wednesday at 7pm (note: some former students have stayed until 2am to finish the test :ahh: ) and Quantatative chem on Thurs also at 7.

I can’t wait for it all to be over.

Time to hit the books again.

I’m glad I just finished college forever and now the only all nighters i need to pull are to finish up the animations.

I’m finally finished with my exams now. I just have to drop a belt sander by the robotics lab of my former team back in Durham, then I’m on my way home in the morning. It feels so great to finally be finished with my exams. Goodluck to everyone on your exams both in high school and college.