College FIRSTers!! What classes are you taking this Fall 2004?

As for me… well… One of the possible classes (Physics) I want to take is closed, but it is taught by a fellow FIRST mentor from another CT team, so I hope I can sneak in with permission.

That’s what I get for trying to sign up so late.

(Why do classes start earlier and earlier every year??)

I’m on co-op, no courses for me :smiley:

uhh… Technical Writing (very time consuming), Intro to IE (yay!), Quality, and Digital Simulated Technology

…then coop for another six months!!! woopeee!!!

lessee…(logs into VIP)

Music appreciation
University 101
Some speech class, can’t remember the name.
Calculus for BAs
English 101

Solids, Fluids, Heat Transfer, Engineering Materials, and Numerical Methods & Matrices (Math). So far I’m 3 for 5 with the worst possible teachers I can get, but there’s still time to get bad teachers for the other two! :-p

New Media and the Web, IST class, Calculus, Programming

Chemistry 115, English 106, Calculus 161, Engineering 106, and Engineering 104.
:smiley: GO PURDUE!


Marketing Research - Something I’ve done multiple times before, but never taken a class on it. There’s a project at the end of this that I’ve got some great ideas for… :wink:

Operations Research - A deep dive into Ops, in the Math department. Because Babson feels the need to be “integrated”, a lot of my intermediate classes were in giving me a broad, integrated view of business administration - so I know a bit about Operations, Marketing, Strategy, Finance, Accounting, all mixed together like a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. The later you go, the more your classes become “deep dives” into areas you’ve already touched upon before.

Web Technologies - Basically, I was bored with the other Lib Arts classes being offered (you can only read so much “Poetry from the Industrial Age”), and the prof is hysterical.

MCFE: New Bedford Symphony Orchestra, my personal favorite. MCFE (Management Consulting Field Experience) is a interview-required class where students are placed into groups to act as consultants to non-profits. My group will be looking at NBSO’s membership base and working with them to expand it to a level of consistent, manageable growth.

Because MCFE has no set class time, and all my other classes are on Tuesday & Thursdays, I have Mondays & Wednesdays off :slight_smile:

Gen Chem, Physics 1, Calc 1, First year seminar and Great Ideas: Western Culture…
I’m going to be busy I think… :yikes:


The Principles of Advertising, Math 110 (yay for not being able to test into any smart math classes…) and Writing: the Evolution of American Thought. So far, I’ve only read a couple of the books for the writing class, but they’re really good, I’m excited.

pneumatics and Hydraulics, Strengh of materials, Differential Equations, physics 3, co-op prep

Organic Chemistry 2 + 6hr/week lab - It’s reaction time.
Inorganic Chemistry 1 - What’s this all about?
Physics 2 - Pssst. physics…
Calculus 3 - Easier than Calc 2, right?
Biology 1 (Honors) + 3hr/week lab - Most failed class at NAU, here I come!

I also get credit for mentoring new Honors Students one hour a week, and I should get like 10 credits/sem for being an RA, but I’ll happily take the room and board.

I like science and math :slight_smile:

I think my classes have more exciting names than everyone elses so far (not that they’re more exciting, just that the names are):
Digital Control Systems
Principles of Digital Interfacing
Advanced Computer Architecture
Principles of Robotics

I’m also taking Golf to finish up my activities credits. I was going to take badmitton but that conflicts with a lab I’m teaching.


Well, I’m currently taking a little of both ME and EE, and I’m in the Michigan Marching Band so my schedule is a little uhh… diverse. Here it is:

EECS 216: Intro to Circuits
ME 250: Design and Manufacturing I
ME 211: Intro to Solids
ENS 354: Marching Band

MA221: Calc for Tech
MET111: Applied Statics
CPT175: Visual Programming (lecture/lab)
PHYS218: General Physics (lecture/lab)
CHM111: General Chemistry (lecture/lab)


Enginering Design
Introduction to Engineering
Chemistry for Engineering
Chemistry for Engineering Lag
Calculus for Engineering 1
Theatre and Society

Phew! After administrative messes, I’ve finally finalized (nearly) my schedule … the joy of being a first year.

Rodman Engineering (basic intro engineering course for honors program)
Chem lab
Ordinary differential equations
Either CS201 or 202 (discrete mathematics)
SPAN 330, Literary analysis
SPAN 411, Adv. conversation and grammar

ENGL 101
STAT 210
BIOL 151
BIOZ 151
HUMS 291

English 489 - Practicum in Literary Editing and Publishing
English 250 - American Literature 2

Freshman year, I was put into a bunch of classes that I didn’t need. Therefore, my remaining three classes are all the ‘freshman’ courses required by the university to graduate. Let’s hear it for an easy semester.

Freshman comp
college algebra
Intro to humanities
Us government

yay freshman year of college