College FIRSTers!! What classes are you taking this Fall 2004?

ME 5754 - Impact Biomechanics
ESM 5314 - Intermediate Dynamics*
while it’s called Intermediate Dynamics, they mean Intermediate Graduate Dynamics, there is also an undergrad Intermediate Dynamics, a more appropriate name would be Dynamics 4
plus the ESM seminar which brings the total to just 7 credit hours.

Huzzah for being a graduate student and getting paid to go to school while taking far less credits than I ever did as an undergrad. Though I consider this semester vindication for last fall, my first semester as a grad student, when I had Continuum Mechanics, Fluids 4, Advanced Biomechanics, ESM seminar, taught one of the solid mechanics labs, and brown-nosed in the laboratory I work in now to get picked up on a research assistantship so I wouldn’t have to teach any more whining undergrads :slight_smile:

Classes, huh? well ill sign up for a few now that i see everyone is doing it…but i won’t enjoy it mind you…


Network Theory and Application
Operating Systems
Microprocessor Assembly Language
Object Oriented C++

physics 2
physics lab
calc 3
comp 2

Multivariate Calculus
Mechanics 1
Electricity&Magnetism (&lab)
Introduction to Social Sciences (I hate that we have to take humanities-type stuff! :rolleyes: )

this is what I get for being undecided… classes I don’t really care for, although on thursday I only have one class and friday I’m off… can you say a 4 day weekend? not too bad for a freshman… (and i’ve heard most of them are rather easy, kinda wish I had a math course though- darn Liberal Arts college)

Writing & Literature
Science Tech Values
Intro to International Relations
Career Exploration
First Year Enrichment

Hopefully I’ll learn enough to decide on my major rather soon before I blow too much time on classes that won’t help my required credit…

Calc 3 better be easier… hopefully… please?

Calc 3- yeah Calculus!.. I’m serious. I love calculus… but thats just me
Elementary Differential Equations, hence the reason I want calc 3 to be easier…
Physics 2 with lab ::sobbs::
Structures and Materials

Plus I’ll be working 10 hours a week in a satellite lab… and hopefully I’ll still have time for some Karate! and robotics… hm… maybe I just won’t sleep…

On a side note: Does anyone here go to ASU or NAU (exluding Justin)?

My 3rd semester @Syracuse University:
CIS275 - Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
CIS341 - Intel Assembly
CIS351 - Data Structures 1
MAT331 - Linear Algebra
HST230 - British History
HNR210 - Arts and Society

On top of those 18 credits, I’ll be working 10-15 hours a week at my current job, as web designer for the Office of Orientation and Transition Services.

Hopefully, next semester (Spring) will work out such that Robotics will stay in the picture… wouldn’t miss that :slight_smile:

Poli sci 30- Political strategy
Poli sci 141b- Public opinion and voting behavior
Poli sci 145c- Constitutional law

Gee, any guesses on my major?

Here’s my list of classes.

ENGR 116 (Honors Engineering Problem Solving)
CGT 163 (Computer Graphics)
CHM 115 (Chemistry)
COM 114
MA 271 (Multivariate Calculus)
ENGR 100H (Honors Engineering Lecture)

18 hours of credit! Well, less than next semester (19 hours)
Go Purdue!!!

You’re going to be an engineer… duh Kristy…

Im takin Calc III, Principles of Physics, and European Social History

Fourth semester, Electrical Engineering course at the Federal University in my state:
(Some names are hard to translate… Sorry :o)

Applied Math - Laplace and Fourier transforms, Fourier series;

Numerical Calc - Numerical solutions for pretty much everything that can be solved… :stuck_out_tongue:

Physics IV-C - EM waves, modern physics stuff;

Strength of Materials - Load calculations and that sort of things;
(that one probably has a better name in English :))

[EDIT: Read in another post and Strength of Materials is probably a good translation]

Fundamental Electronics - Diodes and BJTs;

Circuit Analysis II - RLC circuits analysis in the frequency domain;

34 credits, :ahh: , hopefully ending in time for the Kickoff. :smiley:

MA 153- Pre Calculus (for my own benifit)
ECET 107 Introduction to Circuit Analysis
ECET 109 Digital Fundamentals
ECET 196 Introduction to ECET and Projects

Calc 4
Principles of Physics: Mechanics
PoP: Electricity
Ordinary Diff Equations
American Drama
Social Psych

Read it more than once in this thread, what is an honors program?
Too lazy to google for it… :slight_smile:

16 Hrs with 4 classes… fun.

Calc 3
Chemical Analysis
Engineering Physics 1
Process Analysis

Honors Program: At least at K-state it is where you have a undergraduate research requirement and you graduate it is mentioned as graduating in the honors program, not particularly graduating with honors (cum laude, so on). You have to maintain a 3.5 or above in a 4.0 scale to stay in the program.

I’ll be starting classes on Aug 31st - it definitely came up alot sooner than I expected. I’ll be taking:
HIST 102 - Survey of Western Civilization II
COMM 101 - Intro to Mass Communications
ENGL 102 - Literary Genres
PHIL 101 - Critical Thinking
ITAL 101 - Italian I & Lab
UNIV 104 - Gonzaga Pathways

btw does anyone know of any FIRSTers going to Gonzaga University (in spokane, WA)?

I am still a high school senior, but i have Math 271 (MA 271) at Purdue (West Lafayette Campus). Markeng, what hour do you have it. I have it 2:30-3:20. I look forward to seeing a fellow FIRSTer.

This is my catch up semester, where I take all the classes I’ve been avoiding for the past 6 years.

Real Analysis
Partial Differential Equations
Graph Theory
Polynomials, Rings & Fields

If it doesn’t sound fun, it’s because it really isn’t.