College get together at Championship


Each year someone tries to plan a college people get together for Championships. Since I’m in Atlanta I thought I would help plan it for this year. The plan right now is to make arrangements with a local restaurant (to be announced soon) for Friday evening. To do this, I need to know how many people plan to come. I would like to ask that high schoolers not respond to this post. So college people, let me know who is interested.

This is for College Students and those who are college students at heart :).

If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM or IM me.

If I can get away from my team it sounds fun. You can count me in for now. My team is at regional now so I don’t know their national plans for sure but I should be able to find out sometime over Easter and I can confirm for sure.

I’m in! There wouldn’t happen to be any comedy clubs around, would there? Perhaps ones that do improv?

<Fondly rememebers his last “College Night” at the Championship>


My bad…time conflict, won’t be there and neither will David.



If our team goes, count me in. Hopefully you guys have something good planned…but we wouldn’t want to speak of it around the hs’ers.

Bahhhhhhhhhh. I want to go to Nats so bad!

Next year, Im making sure Sigma has NOTHING around those dates :wink:

I’m there! Make sure to post the details… :cool:

I would hope that it is not a 21+ college get together.
Also, so that it dosn’t interfere with any of the workshops…

Thems my two doughnuts.


I’ll defietly be there, just no 21+ places. w00t!!!


It wont matter as long as your friends, Franklin, Grant, and Jackson are with you :stuck_out_tongue:

I think most of us are leaving Franklin Grant and Jackson at the front counter…


That wouldn’t happen to have been in 2002 now would it?? LMAO!!! Ahh, Good Times!!

I’m up for some partying!! err… social…
No, wait, we can party - it’s just the kids who can’t “party!”

Given I told Anne to organize it (whether or not she planned to anyway), I’ll be there. Perhaps we can have a member of our group made fun of for having a crush on another member again?


Yes, I’ll admit it… I Had a crush on Ken when we all went out together for the college night in 2002. j/k

:rolleyes: :smiley:

Though, I seriously do not remember too much from that night somehow… (:smiley: )
I remember the comedy club though!! Robotic stereotypes were flying around that place that night.

I believe Joe and I slept together later that night so you weren’t the only one. :wink: (Yes, we shared a bed)

I was specifically referring to the Comedy Club where Christine (I think it was Christine from 639) was accussed of having a crush on Pat by the comedians.


i’ll be there…just let us know what the details are

I would love to be there, and I’m sure a bunch of the other college mentors from Team 461 would be interested also. Honestly, I don’t really know any of the other college mentors on other teams, so this would be great, keep us posted!


Assuming transportation is not an issue, I can probably get away from my team for a while.

-Andy A.

I’m up for it. Count me in.

I’m in. What time are you thinking about? After 7?