College invitations

Out of curiosity I’d like to know on average how many invitations/requests you guys get to apply to colleges (If any). I think this question only applies to people going into their senior year after taking an ACT or SAT. It would be cool to get a large sample size to get accurate percentages.

None. Because I checked the “Don’t send me spam email” box on my exams.

That is an option? I didn’t know that.

looks like my first attempt at a pole didn’t work so well… oh well. You live and learn.

Over the past few years, I have received at least 3491 college emails. There were times when I didn’t bother to sort them, and just deleted them with all the other junk (GrabCAD and Southco are the worst for junk mail), so this total is lower. I did not end up applying to any of the schools that sent me an advertisement email.

Johnson and Wales, Babson, American International, Fordham, Gettysburg, Hofstra, and Iona have all sent me over 50 emails.

Even though I’m starting college this fall, I still get one or two of these emails a day, though it’s not as bad as the fall of my senior year was. I was receiving at least 10 of these emails every day, with a record of 52 college related emails in one day. 38 of those 52 emails all came from the same place (Northeastern IIRC) when they made some sort of mistake and sent a bunch of duplicate emails.

I was in the same boat my senior year. I got somewhere around 2500+ emails in a few months. After I figured out where I was applying I went through as many of them as I could find and unsubscribed. I should probably get around to deleting those eventually, but I don’t use the email they were sent to much anymore so it’s not like it’s hurting me.

I can only find 350 emails from colleges, though that seems low (might be from Gmail’s search being limited).

The number of trees that have died for colleges to send me mail, on the other hand, is depressing.

Odd, I hardly get any junk mail from GrabCad.

Check the date on these…

They send weekly emails with the most downloaded model of the week, as well as various advertisements, and asking to unsubscribe and emailing them asking to be unsubscribed did not remove my email address until almost a month later.

>5? Try >500.
Gmail automatically moves them to “Promotions”, so I never have to see them.

I must have opted out of most GrabCad emails when I signed up because I only get what I need and a few extra things.

I am still getting a few college invitations and I am attending college this fall.

Even if they were annoying, at least they gave you a sense of your range of colleges to apply to. When do they start sending me college spam for grad school? Because I really need an idea of where is feasible for me to apply to.

I put so many colleges into my spam folder, it’s not even funny. Western Case Reserve College (or something close to that name) was by far the worst, but I definitely got upwards of 1000 emails & letters

I am enrolled in college, and I still get emails inviting me to apply to this school and that school. I’d suggest making another poll with higher numbers :slight_smile:

I received at least 3,000 e-mails, not including application-related e-mails, with the peak in October of senior year:

Junior year and earlier: at least 900
July 2014: 115
August 2014: 193
September 2014: 342
October 2014: 396
November 2014: 355
December 2014: 320
January 2015: 196
February 2015: 76
After February 2015: at least 100

And my stack of physical mailings was nearly three feet high.