College/Job stuff.

OK. I’m a senior. This means I have to start looking for colleges. Too bad I’m not totally sure what I want to do. Engineering and computers are my two main interests. I don’t really want to be sitting behind a computer for my job (it makes a much better hobby) and electrical engineering sparks my attention. (sparks…get it? chuckle) The only problem is that I’m not too sure what it entails. Could anyone give me a brief/in-depth description of what I would be learning/doing?

if your gonig into engineering than alot of the first year classes are standard. I’m at drexel and all the engineering freshman take the same classes the firt year. Im in the electrical engineering program. I know from the electrical engineer on the team that he did alot of circut/chip design. He was always building things, but they were mad small, he had these magnifying glasses that he always wore, anyway. I think that what im gonna do. I dunno if that answers yer question or not.

If you’re interested in engineering, don’t worry about what type you want to do, just about the school. Almost every engineering school has a general engineering program for freshmen and it’ll help you figure out what type you want to do.

Yay for Va Tech!