College mentors

I am pretty aware of the local tampa bay teams, but I wondered if anyone knows any other graduating seniors (out of state/through florida) that are going to USF next year. I am looking for college mentors that will be at USF, and I thought CD would be a good place to start.

P.S. even if you are not one going to USF (or a student at all), but may know a person coming to USF you can put me in touch with I would appreciate it.

I think this is a good time for the requisite, “Whatever happened to BuzzU?” discussion, too.

Just sayin’.

You might want to try FIRST College Connect .

the problem is that other than me, steve, and andrew rudolph (who is at UCF) no one is signed up for the state of florida (and i know that there are more than 3 FIRSTers going to college in the state of florida…).