College Night 2005??!


I’m surprised that there was no mention of having a College Night in Atlanta this year. I have an idea… howabout Thursday night @ 9pm all us CD addict college kids meet at the Hard Rock Cafe? Let me know if you’re in by visiting me at the FIRST Robotics Conferences on Thursday and/or giving me a call (857) 222-7926 so I can make the reservation.


Is it handicap accessable? :rolleyes:
Hopefully I’ll make it somewhere. :smiley:


Ahhh another Thursday event! I’ll go if I get in in time, but I doubt I’ll be able to make it.

A lot of us college and university kids are in the middle of exams right now. I know I’d be there, but I’m flying in Thursday at like 10pm after my Physics exam. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to concentrate at all during my exam when I know I’m getting on a plane going to championship in a few hours. Its going to be a long day.

I’m 99% sure I can go, although I’ll definitely check with the maternal unit first. (If you’ve ever wondered what sort of person puts up with me for eighteen years, she’ll be working the volunteer desk on Saturday.)

Is the Hard Rock within walking range? If not, I’ll probably need to hitch a ride with someone.

Take MARTA :slight_smile:

It’s about a 5 min walk or less from the Hyatt, Marriott Marquis, and Westin. As for the other hotels… no clue.

From what I remember, it is only like 5-6 blocks from the Georgia Dome to Hard Rock, but I could be wrong. But I am positive that it is right outside a MARTA stop, so you could pick that up at the dome and take it to Hard Rock.

I’ll try and make it but I’m supposedly a chaperone for my team so we’ll have to see. Greg and I discussed him organizing it this year but he decided not to (you’d have to ask him why). I figured I wouldn’t since this will be the last year I can attend.


Erin, does this mean your travel plans got situated? That’s good news. :slight_smile:

I wish I could go to college night, but… I will be in CT. :eek:
I’ll be there in spirit though. :slight_smile:

Count me in.

Atlanta doesn’t happen to have an improv comedy club, does it? ;-]

I’m there~

hey folks…sorry this wasn’t talked about before but myself and matt leese had no idea what our team plans were. i would say Friday night would probably be better and what we ended up doing what last year after the pits closed on Friday we all met in the food court of the CNN center. after that we can make our way to any number of places in the vicinity but it worked as a good meeting spot. so if you are interested i would say post your name/team/and cell and then we can all plan on meeting.

Erin maybe this will save you some cell mins.

Thats the same with me Greg, I’m flying in Thursday afternoon and already have dinner plans for that evening. If it was on Friday night it’d be better for me. Oh well, there’s always next year! :smiley:

I’m with Greg as well, I wont be in Atlanta until 10PM tomorrow night so Friday night would be better for me too. Maybe those of us who can’t make thursday can plan to meet friday (of course anyone from thursday could come too).

Now, George, don’t go around starting trouble again :slight_smile:

Coco and I have a team dinner till 9:30 PM on Thurs. We might be able to join you after that (I have to talk with Coco) as I imagine you will still be there. If Hard Rock is close (Anyone know exactly where it is from the CNN Center?) we may be able to join you. Erin you have my cell, and I should have yours if it hasn’t changed recently (couple years). Thanks for trying to organize this. I thought some local college student was going to start one of these threads earlier than this but that didn’t happen.

Check it out on a map. Hard Rock is about 3 blocks from Centenial Olympic Park which is right next to the CNN Center. The address for the hard rock is:
215 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA 30303

I’ll have to check with some people, but I think I can manage that one. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks Brian.

i figure that since there are people interested in both options i will post my cell and people can call to let me know about thursday. 410-963-6085 i am sure we will all run into eachother anyway but between these 2 options we will accomidate those who are interested