College Night 2008?

It’s been a tradition, so I decided to bring it up. I know its kinda too late to mention it, but we’ll determine that after some responses.
In past years, college student on FIRST teams have gotten together in CNN Center Thursday Night (5-7pm?) to grab a bite and socialize. I want to see whats the general opinion is, and if it would be a great idea to role with.
And if you are interested, pleases do mention.


I will be there if my robot doesn’t break in pieces and if I don’t get dragged to the “robo-prom.” Please let me know details. :slight_smile:

I might be able to stop by and talk a bit before going to my team dinner at 7. Thanks Imad

Well there are no details so far. I said 5-7pm because I don’t want to overlap this with RoboProm as some people are planning to attend (I might too with my team). If that works with everybody I’ll include that in my ‘details.’ Keep the comments coming, cause that will make me decide if this is something interesting to do.


PS Arefin, don’t make me drag you out of your pit!

I have a bit of a question about this: I am a high schooler that hasn’t graduated, but I never go to highschool becuase I live in the dorm and go to college as a full time student. Like my avatar, I am quite puzzled by this. What am I- a college student or a highschool student?

if im done with the stuff that needs to be taken care of for me (non-FIRST related.) i’ll be sure to stop on by to get my news from the field for the day

I think if you’re going to need permission from a teacher or advisor in order to go somewhere that the team isn’t going that would qualify as still a high schooler. Most “college students” are either going down to Atlanta by themselves to volunteer or are traveling with a team to help them out.

The FTC Award ceremony closes at 6:30 if on schedule. I can drop in to say hello on my way the the roboprom.

I should be able to stop in, but I’m probably headed in the opposite direction afterwards, so I may or may not be there.

Hope to make an appearance though!

As an (obviously traditional) suggestion, let’s meet together as well during lunch/the CD webhug in the grassy courtyard & say our hello’s if everyone can’t make the official College Night gathering like we have in tha past!

We need to get our traditional group picture as well!

I will try to stop by if Drew who is coming up late Thursday gets there before

If not I will see everybody at the Prom

Man, I’d go, but my plane doesn’t get in until 7:30 Thursday night due to the classes I have to be at:(… have fun:)

Let me know if you come up with any details, I might be able to stop by!

Let me know as well…if I don’t have any other plans, I’d be glad to drop by!

I’ll try to make it, but I do already have dinner plans for Thursday.
And, like Barry, I’ll be on the FTC field until things wrap up there.
But I’ll try my best to stop and say hi!

It looks like the general attitude is
“I’m be busy or running some errands, so i’ll probably stop by for a bit”

I say we discuss this briefly after webhug and decide on what to do and when to do. I’ll try to post it on CD after Thursday noon.
see you all in ATL!


Someone who knows me, call me and let me know the status of this after the webhug. I won’t have internet access all weekend! :frowning:

i wish i could go ughh i am so bummed i couldnt make the trip but hey just save one seat for a pink kid that wishes he could be there lol… hey but good luck to all your teams!!