College Night?

Posted by Erin at 04/01/2001 12:31 PM EST

Other on team #65, Huskie Brigade, from Pontiac Northern High School and GM Powertrain.

Ok I need a rebriefing…where, when, who why and how is college night and do I really need my ID or anything like that?

Can’t wait till Florida…Im all geared up (pardon the pun).


Posted by Matt Leese at 04/01/2001 2:31 PM EST

Other on team #73, Tigerbolt, from Edison Technical HS and Alstom & Fiber Technologies & RIT.

In Reply to: College Night?
Posted by Erin on 04/01/2001 12:31 PM EST:

When: Thursday, 9:30 pm
Where: The big fountain betwee Pleasure Island and the AMC Movie Complex at Downtown Disney (it’s the big fountain in the center of the map).
Who: College students
Why: 'Cause it’s tough being a college student in FIRST
How: Uh…Because of my silly posts to CD?

Do you need a college ID? Not really. We’re going to be rather trusting that only college students show up. You may however need an ID to get into Pleasure Island.

Matt who’s wondering how many people to expect…