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I’m actually in one of the RIT computer labs right now (up for orientation)…and it got me thinking. I ended up randomly with a FIRSTer for a roommate…planned to meet another, and ran into 2 more during my travels around the school. Have anyone else that’s gone to their orientation run into a lot of fellow FIRST nuts? It was really rather a great coversation starter…and talk about having a bond with a roommate even before spending any time together!

~ lora

My sister’s roommate for college last year was on a FIRST team… i was helping her bring up all her stuff on the first day… and i looked at her roommates pics, and there was the stage in florida… i flipped to the next page, and there was woodie… it was the wierdest thing.

just thought i’d share


Sinse I’m not enrolling full-time until next year I can only hope that I will meet some FIRST-ers. It would really make getting to nationals and building meetings easier.

i didn’t meet anyone at orientation- and had to do a bit of asking around to people to find the team contact when I first started at BU (FIRST doesn’t generally give out that information)… then I emailed the team leader who was a sophomore… after a couple emails we decided to meet up and realized ‘whoa’ we lived on opposite ends of the hall on the same floor! it was kinda wacky… but since she lived by the elevator, she was never walking by my room or anythign that i would have bumped into her. that made for developing a great friendship, having meetings to discuss the team or the next day’s affairs and stuff MUCH easier.

So it’s cool- it’s also just as cool to have non-FIRST roommates or people you don’t know so you always have someone to go visit if you need to get away :slight_smile:

just my opinion- and why i like living with new people… 'tho i’ll be living with Kate this year :slight_smile: wooohoo!

k… all done :stuck_out_tongue:

My roomate is awesome…

I got put in the “cultural house”, where they stick 80% of the int’l students…and there was a girl in my graduating class whos sister went to Babson and had the same placement…but got put with this Pakistanian girl who totally snubbed her. So, obviously, I was worried (but when am I not worried?)

But then I found out my roomate is awesome :wink:

I expected to get an international roomate, but shes from Springfield, MA. We’re quite alike, and her major extracurricular in life is theatre, buttttt (the real kicker)…her school is one of the Lego team’s schools, and she almost joined…but found it conflicted too much with her already set schedule.

So, the girl is already primed :smiley: I cant wait.

Well, I didn’t really meet any FIRSTers at either orientation I went to. I went to BU’s orientation as well as SUNY Stony Brook (my school now). For BU, I was put on a FIRST mailing list though. I don’t quite remember how, but I was since BU apparently has a team. For SUNYSB, we don’t have a team, officially, but Michael and I are trying to fix that. :slight_smile: I do know a couple of people from my old team (263) that are at SUNYSB though.

~Christina ºoº