College planning

Well I decided to some talk about colleges. I’m a Junior from Mississippi and there are some high up colleges I haven’t been to but I’d like to hear about like MIT for example. I hear it’s amazing but I would like to hear something from someone that’s actually been there or discuss the application process. Well I just threw this one out there but if there any other engineering colleges that people have been impressed with or know what is all needed for applying or by what date, feel free to put it here.



If you’re looking at MIT-level engineering schools I would definitely recommend that you take a look at Cornell Engineering. It’s an amazing program and a really wonderful school. I chose it because, like FIRST, it’s a very hands-on environment. The application process is relatively simple and straight-foreward: just type, submit, and wait. The school itself is beautiful, and there are literally thousands of interesting courses available to you including Food Science 101 (where you make your own ice cream flavor), Wines (I think you could guess), and a course I’m currently taking on the many engineering aspects of the CD/DVD player and IPod. I’d be happy to give you any more information you’d like to know. Feel free to PM me any time.

I’m going to RIT next semester. Look into them, they are a big technical and eneginnering school. They are in Rochester, New York. They host the Finger Lakes Regional and there are tons of Rochester teams (191, 1511, 340, ect.).